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Kentucky is ranked 35th in the country in level of education*.

We believe that our kids deserve better!

In affiliation with the Russian School of Mathematics RSM.Louisville strives:

  • To provide mathematical instruction that is more challenging than that of the majority of schools in the United States

  • To develop each child's analytical and critical thinking

  • To create a friendly and supportive learning environment


The Russian School of Mathematics (RSM) is an after-school and weekend program that provides complete math education for children attending grades K - 12. This program is designed both for students who need to improve their math skills and for students who want to advance beyond the school curriculum.  RSM also provides  SAT-I, SAT-II, ACT, and American Math Competition (AMC) tests preparation. 

RSM's main location is in Newton, Massachusetts.  

RSM curriculum is based on a proven and famous Russian methodology of math education, which emphasizes understanding vs. memorization.

RSM successfully practices early introduction of Algebra and Geometry. This concept, first introduced by the Russian researcher Vygotsky, is just beginning to gain recognition in US.

The goal of RSM is to build deep understanding of math, rather than providing a quick fix for problems and gaps left by the "New Math" initiative introduced to US public schools in late 50s.

RSM promotes group learning. In a small group, a child is challenged not only by the teacher, but also by his peers. This creates the unique atmosphere of brainstorming in the class. 

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RSM.Louisville teachers have thorough understanding of Russian Math teaching methodology and use the Russian School of Mathematics curriculum and resources.

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"Russian solution to US Problem..."

-The Boston Globe

* Morgan Quinto Press - State and City Ranking Publications