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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How old must be my child to enroll in the kindergarten class?

    As a rule, a child needs to be at least 5 years old as of September 1 to attend the kindergarten class at RSM.Louisville.

 2. What do kids learn in the kindergarten class?

    Our students in Level K compare, combine, analyze, group, continue patterns, learn the part-whole concept, learn to use a number line, "count on" and "count back" strategy, look for a missing number (next year we will call it an equation with a variable), look for missing signs of arithmetic operations, make up number stories, solve logical problems and puzzles. We foster active learning and discovery. We stress logic and abstract thinking. Beginning at a very young age children are able to use their common sense to make an easy transition from familiar concrete thinking to abstract thinking. The effect is an overall development of better cognition, not just improved math skills. Level K meets for one hour once a week. Homework (takes about an hour to complete during the week) consists of problems introduced during class, as well as new challenges, that will be discussed during next class. We maintain small class sizes to ensure individual attention but allow healthy competition among students.

 3. What is the relationship of RSM.Louisville to Russian School of Mathematics (RSM) in Newton, MA?

    RSM.Louisville is an affiliate of RSM in Newton. This means that we share the same methodology and use RSM curriculum.

 4. What is the difference between RSM program and Kumon? 

    Kumon places a heavy emphasis on practice and mastery of the basic mathematical tools and operations.  While we do believe this is of fundamental importance,  we also believe that cognitive development,  fostering mental agility, out-of-the box thinking and ability to solve unusual problems are invaluable. Our program targets these goals starting from early ages. We do of course also ensure that our students achieve mastery of basic mathematical tools and operations.

 5.  What is the difference between RSM program and the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth online math program?
   The on-line courses could not provide the critical human element in learning – the ability to interact with students, peers and teachers, to raise questions and share discoveries. Johns Hopkins’ grade-based curriculum is dependent on rote memorization of math facts and formulas, with little emphasis on how to figure out what the formula is, how to apply critical thinking and logical analysis to problem solving. When there is little connection between one math topic and the next, what is the use of remembering last month’s topic? RSM's emphasis on algebra nourishes critical and analytic thinking. It teaches kids to think, to make connections between mathematical concepts, to utilize critical thinking and build upon previous concepts to solve new problems.  
 6. How is the RSM curriculum different from traditional public or private school curriculum?

    Different public schools have different curricula and different levels of success in teaching mathematics, as demonstrated by standardized testing.   Therefore, it is difficult to provide a fair comparison that is universally true.   While our curriculum is consistent with Massachusetts curriculum frameworks,  our key differentiators are in the early introduction of algebra,  a heavy emphasis is on logical reasoning and out-of-the-box thinking, in combination with steady training of fundamental  math skills and tools.   Our students come from a wide variety of public and private schools in the area.

 7. Do we need a placement test to enroll?

    Yes, we require a placement test for all of our students.

 8. Can we start attending at any time during the year?

Yes - if the space is available. .

 9. Do you provide private tutoring?

     Yes, we provide tutoring for those students who come to us mid-year and/or want to join a challenging class already in progress. A student needs to be registered in the same way as our regular students; registration fee applies.

10. Would you recommend RSM program to the Home Schooling community  

in Louisville?

I have shared our positive experience with other HS moms." Robin Acquisto

11. It is difficult for most home schooling families to commit to educational classes on weekends since weekends. Can you schedule more classes during the day on week days?   

    We will be glad to add new classes to our schedule. Contact us via e-mail or phone and we will meet with you and your child to determine placement options. We can put your child on the waiting list and notify you when a new class is formed. The minimum class size is three students.

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