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  • Advanced Mathematics Curriculum

  • Structured Learning Environment

  • Individual Attention - Small Groups

  • Highly Effective Teaching Methodology at all levels and all ages (K to 12 grade)

  • We offer free try-out classes.  Call for details (502) 472-2231


Our focus is on teaching in a classroom environment because we believe it yields the best results. We do offer private tutoring to enable new students to join ongoing classes and to help students, who do not fit well into a structured classroom environment, prepare for it. We recommend one-on-one tutoring sessions if a child misses a class and needs to catch up on the material. We have excellent math tutors on staff, many of whom are our former students, who completed the RSM program with distinction, and who are extremely familiar with our curriculum and methodology. Scheduling of the tutoring sessions is subject to the math tutors and classroom availability.