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Enrollment starts with fillable online Application.

  • Click on "Enroll NOW!"
  • Create Login and Password.
  • Follow the instructions provided.

If you have any problem with your application, please call our office at



$100.00  per student per school year.

All students both new and continuing need to register for every academic year.

Registration process is complete only when we receive your Application and registration fee.


Group classes - $20.00/hour
Semi-Private classes -$28.00/hour
Private tutoring - $50.00/hour

10% sibling discount if enrolled in Academic Year program.

Get $30 OFF one month tuition for each newly referred student, who signs up for any Math class,  and pays the Registration fee. No limit on the number of referrals.  Don't miss your chance to save unlimited amount on tuition! 


RSM-Louisville Payment Policy:

Our program is based on 36 classes in a school year.  Regardless of the number of classes in a particular month the average monthly payment is calculated by dividing 36 classes by 9 months (September through May). When you have 3 weeks or 5 weeks in a particular month, you still pay for 4 weeks (average). Due to snow days, holidays, winter/spring break some of our classes may end in June, but there will be no extra charges for these classes for RSM-Louisville students attending a full academic year.  This payment policy makes it easier for us to send monthly invoices and for parents to schedule automatic payments. 

Monthly statements will be sent on 15th of the previous month via e-mail.

Payments must be received before the 1st of each month. Payments can be made by check, cash or your bank Online Bill Payment option. Checks should be made to RSM.Louisville. Each check needs to be clearly marked with a child's name or student account number. If more than one child attends RSM.Louisville, payments can be combined into one check.

Please note that RSM schedule is not always in sync with JCPS schedule.  If a child has to miss a class, we will send a homework assignment via email.  Special arrangements for free RSM-Louisville homework help and alternative classes can be made via email to

In case a family notifies us at the time of enrollment that they will miss 2-3 weeks of the program we can prorate tuition.  Otherwise, there is no refund for missed classes.  In special circumstances we credit the account.

We do not turn students away because of the inability to pay tuition. We offer private Financial Aid to those who apply and qualify.  Special arrangements can be made via email to

A late fee of $35 will be applied automatically if payment is not received by 1st of each month.



To apply for Financial Aid please fill out the Application and send the following documents:

All applications will be reviewed before October 15. You will be notified about the amount of the aid. The Registration Fee and regular first month Tuition must be paid before September 15th regardless of any future financial aid. The application for financial aid has no bearing on child's acceptance into the program.

Application deadline: September 25

If you have questions regarding payment options or your statement please contact us at (502) 472-2231 or send an e-mail to We will work with you.   


FREE diagnostic testing. 


If you decide to withdraw your child from school, please email the following information:

  1. Your child's full name
  2. The date of the last class attended
  3. The reason for withdrawal

We always appreciate feedback, so please be as open and as detailed as possible.



There are no refunds for missed classes and no makeup classes.

Notice of an absence is considered a courtesy so that we know to mail a homework assignment. 


If your child happens to miss a class, homework will be mailed/e-mailed to your address on file. Please contact  regarding Homework Help sessions if your child needs help with homework.    

Private Tutoring

We provide one-on-one tutoring. More information about tutoring is available on the RSM website:


The school communicates with parents primarily through e-mail. We check email several times daily and will respond to your questions promptly. 

We disapprove the practice of parents sitting in the classroom during the lessons because it disrupts the general environment of the class.

Please contact with any questions. 



Referral Discount

NO LIMIT on the number of referrals!



In the event of extremely bad weather the school closing, RSM.Louisville will send an email announcing cancelling no later than 3 pm. Our cancellations do not necessarily co-inside with the Jefferson County Public School cancellations. Please call (502) 472-2231 to confirm cancellation if you do not receive an email.